Love Letters


Hidden Springs, Book 4

From the award-winning author of Love Song (Instrumental) comes the final chapter in the Hidden Springs series, a story about love, loss, and what it means to be a family.

The marriage of Dora and Luke began with a promise: They would tackle parenthood together and then set each other free. Their marriage—and their friendship—has endured for more than twenty-five years, but now their daughters are grown and Luke is ready for “Life, Part II.”

As her marriage comes to an amicable end, Dora wrestles with the question of what comes next. Temptation arrives in the form of an impossibly handsome art dealer, and while his interest in her work may be strictly professional, her reaction to him is…not.

But Dora can’t move forward until she knows her girls will be okay, and her grown daughter Mel can’t seem to settle into adulthood. Mel can’t possibly be satisfied with her life as a couch-surfing freelancing photographer, but she resists all of Dora’s attempts to help. To complicate matters, Dora’s old flame has reached out and threatens to release all the skeletons from her closet.

In order to start a new life, Dora will have to make peace with her old one, confronting long-buried secrets and accepting her children for the adults they have become.

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